Monday, January 24, 2005

we all count

he was feeling grumpy today he said. i tried to cheer him up with the humor of inconsistency, it gets me in trouble. i announced that today begins no name calling week. truly, it is actually called national no name calling week. i had all of the kids think of a time when they had been called a name. after this i asked them to close their eyes and try to get a hold of the feeling that they felt when this happened. i then asked them to think of a time they had called another person a name. i then asked them to hold this. some shared, some said it want to hit them, others, just walk away tell a teacher tell staff tell my mommy or daddy. we just talked about martin luther king jr. last week. it the celebration of his birth. i have always had difficulty with the notion of a just war. even in the bible i have a difficult time. i know i know His ways are different than ours. what about the fight that is in me. i want peace, it's hard when there i no peace within.

after he said he was grumpy i let him know that there was only ten more minutes of school, i asked him if he though he could hold on til then, if he could make it, if he could sustain, he smiled and said yes. i then balled up my fist, he balled up his we held them up and in a slow controlled punching motion hit our fists against each others to signify some sort of collective triumph, he then said thanks matt.

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