Saturday, January 22, 2005

We are alive

Flying then lan ding. Then...then...i'm trying to figure out the rest of this story. Friendship. Wow!! sometimes it is so hard to be honest. weakness. be real. I want to talk about faith, friendship, and connecting these things. culture, what is that truly. black,white,brown,red, yellow. sikh,jew,christian,zorasterism,hinduism,budhism,toaism,meism. godism. bush is back in action. education is on my mind. i was screwed. by them or me. or maybe, just maybe this is how the story is supposed to go. jesus. i woke up today feeling a little bit sore, a little bit hungry, and excited about the day. my wife, there, my son, there, my cat, there, and the commas all just fell into place right or not. it's january and i am still on the second floor and every day i still have a chance to express love.
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