Wednesday, February 23, 2005


All right kids today today we talk about poetry.

Matt: What is poetry

Student One: poetry is a feeling

Student Two: poetry is talking with rhythm

Matt: rhythm, what's that?

Student One: It's the way you walk, talk, or live it is the way things go, they go smooth with rhythm, you have to find your own rhythm though.

Can I tell you a poem. About me dreaming about you. Similies and metaphors. Live in the metaphor live in the likeness of another thing being whatever. I woke up today thinking of poetry. We talked about it in class.

We all have it AA said. We all have it. Maybe we just need to let go and be us to each other the nasty and the clean. Stop judging and loving and be real. Keep it so real that nothing else seems to matter but the reality of yourselves of ourselves.

Just a little thinking about living in color and poetry.
Working with all these kids under the age of ten has taught me more than any class I have ever taken. The simple things the ups the downs the the the, pureness, the feeling, I asked her how she was feeling today and she said she needed to see a "feelings" chart. I gave her one and she identified the face with the tilted almost grin to the left, right eybrow slanted at a 90 degree angle and the left parallel to the ground. " Hopeful" she said, she said I'm feeling hopefull today. I dug a little bit. She said I have hope that this day will be better than yesterday.

Setting goals.


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